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Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Under President Donald J. Trump, Americans were in an economic boom. I thank God for having placed President Trump, when He did, (this does not take away from the rigged 2020 election) and, as many saw during his presidency, he needed assistance from law makers, courts, Congress, etc. to make great changes to our nation’s economy. Although many made it complicated for him to achieve, he had the right mind set, signed executive orders such as the keystone pipeline, he managed to lower down gas prices and taxes, etc. and to include, Trump had previous experience before entering office that, in my opinion, helped aide the economy to boom the way it did.

I used President Trump as an example to make a point about my views concerning this great nation, America. He put America first along with mixing his Christian values. Because of that, we prospered; When I enter office as your next U.S. Senator, I will implement a similar mindset, putting God and America first. I will pursue to implement God centered principles, much like what the founding fathers envisioned. I pledge to work with whichever leader this nation truly places as POTUS, as the one in office right now, I consider to be a Commander-in-cheat and a puppet. A real leader desires the best for our economy, not to destroy it. I am against the communistic, Marxist, socialistic, agenda. I am for keeping and upholding our Democratic Republic and coming against any law or decision that will try to destroy it.

With all that said, we need to see where the real needs are and how to formulate ways to fill those needs. Our economy is now suffering inflation, and it is rising. Wages are not catching up, fast enough. I plan to knock down every bill that is planned to destroy our economy, raise our debt more, and spend money that does not need to be spent. No! I am not a RHINO, No! I will not be bought, No! I will fight for what is right and uphold our constitution, not destroy it. I am not a politician. If Trump can get in without a political background and rebuild our economy, so can I and be a beacon of light to help make a change, doing similar.

Americans should not receive everything they want for free; I was raised to believe that he who does not work, does not eat (I do not say this for all people). Receiving everything free is a communistic trap… I believe in working for your income, and at the same time, not forcing one against their own will to do something they don’t want to, such as wearing a mask or getting a vaccination. As your next U.S. Senator, I plan on serving this great state of Pennsylvania, along with its people to make great economic changes that will revive cities that have been destroyed or require help. In the Senate, I will make the right votes along questioning whomever I need to under oath for the right purposes; this includes exposure and justice.

To include, I have experienced in the past, eviction, homelessness, joblessness and hurting from loss. I will take these experiences to the hill and look for ways to create employment that fills needs, locating them with laser precision accuracy, which is fueled and informed by my constituents. Currently, in PA, many are in those positions, and I plan on addressing them and helping them get back to work. I believe vaccines should be an option and not a mandate and I oppose vaccine passports. Pennsylvanians, just like all civilians, should have a choice to take the vaccine or not. I will not act as your doctor, but as your Senator. I am a servant, not the self-serving. That is a promise.

I will listen to earn the name you elect me to have. Let me show you I can do what it takes to move the needle back to “of the people by the people for the people.” The United States of America, runs on a fighting, working, loving spirit, a verb in action; not lazy, hateful, or with dead individuals with stagnancy as a motto…

Vote Israel Cruz for your next U.S. Senator of Pennsylvania.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.

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