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Israel Cruz’s Ideas on abortion, What say you?

Updated: Jan 18

I want to be as straightforward as I can. I wholeheartedly (as a believer in Christ, a man, and a human being), hate the thought of, and more importantly the act of Abortion. I believe it to be the murder of an innocent. Like anything that Democrats do they (much like a doctor) go for the symptoms of the issue, not the root cause. I believe God gave us free will and that means we can not legislate morality, just be a guide to it.

I fully understand women have abortions for many reasons, Yet by the sounds of the mainstream media and the democrats it is for just one reason, and fixing the issue is "Cut and dry" #MoreAbortions.

But just like weight loss, there are many reasons why a person can not lose it, Some reasons are: medical, some emotional, some mental, some financial, and others just don't feel like they care and are happy the way they are, etc.

I am not here (believe it or not) to get rid of abortion, since in doing so, would sentence some women to death. Instead, I want to help women find the reason why they are getting abortions and work on that. This way, we deal with the main causes and not the symptoms. We need (as Americans) 1st to know these reasons. Some examples are:

Mental Health Services: Accessible mental health services can help women facing emotional or psychological challenges during pregnancy or motherhood.

Educational Barriers: Some women may consider abortion due to the belief that pursuing their education is incompatible with motherhood. To address this, promote policies that facilitate educational opportunities for mothers, such as scholarships, online courses, and on-campus childcare facilities.

Abstinence then Marriage: You can not get pregnant if you don't have sex. Besides Barak Obama (of all people) said quoting Galston: "You need to do three main things if you live in the United States to avoid poverty; Finish high school, marry before having a child, and marry after the age of 20!" Here’s the real kicker: only 8 percent of families who do all three are poor; however, 79 percent of those who fail to do all three are poor.

Teen Pregnancy: Teenagers facing unplanned pregnancies may feel particularly overwhelmed. Comprehensive sex education and access to support services like counseling and parenting classes can help teens make informed decisions.

Inadequate Social Services: Strengthen social services to support vulnerable populations, including homeless women, refugees, and those struggling with addiction. Ensuring access to stable housing, addiction treatment, and mental health services can reduce the factors driving some women to consider abortion.

Lack of Family Support: Many women feel that they lack the support of their families when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Encourage family counseling and support services to help mend relationships and provide the necessary emotional backing.

Medical Complications: Some pregnancies pose severe health risks to the mother. Ensure that women with medical complications have access to high-quality medical care, including consultations with specialists who can offer guidance on safe pregnancy options.

Stigmatization: Work to reduce the societal stigma surrounding motherhood while also allowing women to make their choices without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Childcare Facilities: Create more affordable and accessible childcare options, which can enable women to continue their education or employment while raising children. One idea is to establish childminding groups, where mothers take turns watching each other's children, allowing the others to work, run errands, or simply have some personal time.

Foster Care and Adoption: Improve the foster care and adoption systems to provide better outcomes for children in need of stable homes, making adoption a more appealing choice for birth parents.

Parenting Support Programs: Develop programs that offer practical assistance and guidance to new parents, such as parenting classes, mentorship programs, and community resources.

Reducing Sexual Violence: Advocate for policies and programs aimed at preventing sexual violence, supporting survivors, and bringing perpetrators to justice. Reducing sexual violence (something Democrats are allowing to happen to American women and illegal immigrants crossing the border) can help prevent some unwanted pregnancies that may lead to abortion.

Legal Protections: Advocate for laws that protect women from employment and housing discrimination based on their pregnancy status, ensuring that women do not face undue pressure to choose abortion due to fear of losing their livelihood or housing.

Accessible Abortion Alternatives: Ensure that women have easy access to information about adoption, parenting, mental, and support services as an alternative to abortion. Education and awareness campaigns can play a significant role in this regard.

Empowering Women: Promote initiatives that empower women to make informed choices about their bodies, and reproductive health while thinking of the life she is carrying. This includes access to unbiased counseling and information on all available options, not just abortion on demand.

Doing this (and more) will give far more if women health paths and choices while protecting life. These are just a few ideas will you help me find the best path to save life? Join me to be on the side of both Real women and Children

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totally agree but treatment for a ectopic pregnancy is not abortion neither medically or socially

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