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Why Pennsylvania Needs a Third-Party Candidate:

An AI Image representing Israel Cruz looking at Pennsylvania rural and city ready to Serve. Write in Independent Candidate For US Senate In Pennsylvania. Vote for Bridging the Gap & StopIDL (Ineffective Democrat Leadership) as well as #StopIRL (Ineffective RINO Leadersip)
An AI Image representing Israel Cruz a Write in Independent Candidate For US Senate In Pennsylvania. Vote for Bridging the Gap & StopIDL (Ineffective Democrat Leadership) as well as #StopIRL (Ineffective RINO Leadersip)

The Case for Israel Cruz

As the race for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania heats up, voters are faced with familiar choices that seem increasingly out of touch with the unique challenges and aspirations of Pennsylvanians. On one side, we have an incumbent, Senator Bob Casey, who has held his seat for nearly 18 years, voting 98.6% of the time with a presidential administration that many find unpopular. On the other hand, we have Dave McCormick, a candidate who boasts an impressive military and business background but lacks genuine ties to Pennsylvania, having been a resident of the state only during electoral seasons.

This is where Israel Cruz, a third-party candidate, presents a fresh and compelling alternative. Unlike the mainstream candidates, Israel’s roots and commitment are deeply entrenched in Pennsylvania. Having lived in Philadelphia and Lancaster, he has firsthand experience with the diverse communities and the everyday struggles of Pennsylvanians.

Israel's journey is not marked by a glittering resume but by genuine, hard-earned experiences. From working with the homeless, veterans, the elderly, children with special needs, and adults with disabilities, to engaging in construction and community service through with his church, Israel understands the real Pennsylvania. As a father and a husband who has faced homelessness himself and the loss of loved ones at a young age, his life reflects the resilience and spirit of our state. He has climbed from surviving on welfare alone to reaching what he calls “upperclass poor,” slow moving away for government help. demonstrating a profound understanding of economic mobility and the barriers that many face.

Israel Cruz brings more than just empathy and understanding to the table; he offers innovative ideas that address both local and global concerns without relying on taxpayer money. His proposal to restructure college funding and reduce student debt focuses on sustainable solutions that do not burden taxpayers or increases inflation. Moreover, his plan to create jobs through a groundbreaking, non-polluting sand battery power plant could revolutionize Pennsylvania’s approach to energy, creating eco-friendly theme parks, gardens, and greenhouses that operate year-round.

His conservative values do not prevent him from addressing issues typically associated with more liberal agendas, such as climate change. While he may not agree with all the premises of the climate change debate, he firmly believes in being a good steward of the Earth. This balanced approach ensures that he can bridge divides and bring together Pennsylvanians of various political and ideological backgrounds.

In terms of education, Israel advocates for radical but necessary changes. His plans to restructure the educational system, promote alternative schooling options like homeschooling, Vouchers, and parochial schools, and empower states to manage education reflect a deep respect for the Constitution and a commitment to improving educational outcomes.

Israel Cruz is not just another candidate. He is a testament to the power of service and resilience. His life’s work has been about serving others, making him uniquely qualified to represent the diverse needs of all Pennsylvanians. As voters, it’s time to step away from the status quo and consider a leader who truly understands and embodies the spirit of our state.

For more on Israel's vision for Pennsylvania, visit, you can find detailed plans and ideas that showcase his commitment to making Pennsylvania a better place for everyone. This November, think beyond the familiar—vote for a candidate who represents real change, real experience, and real dedication. When you vote Write In Israel Cruz for U.S. Senate.

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