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Shoring Up Borders (Short Version)

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The United States of America (USA) is not unlike a home, and the people in it are much like the families contained within. Let me explain this by sharing a part of my life. Growing up as a child, my family was all I knew. I would visit a lot the home of one of my aunt’s. There, I would hang out with some of my cousins, (on a side note, I have A LOT of cousins).

My mother had trust that when I went to her home, I would be safe and when they came to my house, the same would be true. Too add, my cousins come in all sorts of colors and sizes, some strait, others gay, but all are my family and are loved. No matter what we disagreed on, and after a good family brawl, we would laugh it off, while others around us thought of us as dysfunctional and crazy. Fast forwarding to the future, we all have our own families and we are all still “dysfunctional-and-crazy,” but stood a tight nit family, nevertheless. We always allowed our doors open to our friends and at times they slept over and broke bread with us.

Some were adopted and made family be it legally or just in love. Furthermore, we were taught to love our neighbors and be good Samaritans, to care for the defenseless, and shelter them when the need was there. This is the type of family I grew up in. Now, this is still current in my family circle, we are still loving unto our neighbors, but loving them does not mean that we don’t set boundaries...

To share a past experience...I allowed a friend to temporarily live in an old home of mine. This friend took advantage of my kindness and brought other friends to come in and live as well. They intimidated me in the process. I was kind to them, continued to leave the doors of my home opened to them, and instead of showing me respect and gratitude, they took advantage of me, my home, and caused me to suffer.

They came in and out of my home, bringing danger to my family and even drugs... One day, one of my brother’s (not as kind as I was), saw the situation, was angered and thus retaliated. He kicked them out with forceful words, cleaned my home, we changed the locks and he protected me from them. We thus did away with the situation.

Why did I share this part of my life and past experience, and how does it compare to the USA? Well, you see there is a very good correlation between my family and the place I love... That “dysfunctional-and-crazy” family is America. The states are the brothers, sisters, and cousins. All are diverse colors and sizes, some are straight, others gay... Americans fight within themselves, and other countries possibly see us as “dysfunctional-and-crazy.”

Americans love to invite others to stay and break bread with us. We show them love, try to be good Samaritans and always look for ways to care for the defenseless and shelter them when we see their needs. This is the country I grew up in. A big family that does not always get along with everyone but loves each other and our commonalities. In comparison to my family, we Americans have let some neighbors stay and become adopted as part of our family. Yet, there are those that force their way in, take what is not theirs, make others feel unsafe, bring drugs, etc. and intimidate those around them.

In Trump, we had a big brother who is brash and not as kind as most in America. One, who is not afraid to take on those who would take advantage of those just trying to live in peace. One, who does not think it is fair that his family should suffer, while strangers eat and get the benefits they do not deserve.

Just like when my brother saved me from a life in peril, so too did President Donald Trump. But unlike my brother, Trump cannot do it alone when he returns. I did not let my brother save my home alone, nor will I let any President clean my country alone. All are welcome, all can break bread with me, but all must follow the rules that my forefathers and family have laid down. Thus, if you want a piece of my family in the US, you are welcome to it, but, take upon yourself the responsibility of caring for this country.

We will adopt you if you are willing to live by our rules and by our laws. America is my home and its people are my family; come and be one of us, love like us, work like and with us or go back whence you came. I learn to take care of my home first, to clean first, to protect my home first before I could help any other. Furthermore, as the future U.S. Senator of Pennsylvania, I promise (with the backing of God) to protect the USA first, to aid our own first, to build up our home first, so that in strength, I can aide the world and be that beacon at the shore that all other families aim to reach.

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Sep 14, 2021


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