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Shoring Up Boarders (Extended Version)

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Growing up as a child, my mother did not let me hang out much with children that were not my family. She would send me, mostly, to one of my aunt’s houses to play with my cousins; I have a lot of cousins! This aunt had/has eight children alone. My mother trusted me when I went to her home because she knew who I would be with, and likewise, when my cousins came to my place, my aunt had the same assurance that nothing bad would happen. Furthermore, my cousins were all individually different, we had our disagreements, our mini brawls that we would laugh about later…and our neighbors thought we were dysfunctional and crazy, because we were different, but we got along, nonetheless.

This is what my great county America is about! All citizens alike have their unique qualities and culture. While some decide to move to areas where their culture is welcomed, and others move to towns with very diverse cultures, this is what America is all about! Say what you want, act in a manner that does not lock you up, people learn to adapt to their environment and deal with their neighbors (sometimes crazy, nonetheless…). But, before I get too ahead of myself, I am going to revert to my childhood experience. Although I stood mostly close to my family members, there were friends whom both my aunt and mother would leave their doors open as well. Heck, there were times they slept over… alright, by now you are probably saying, get to the point Israel! I’ll get there… soon…

Many of those friends that stood over, us were, “in word” adopted and made part of our family (believe it or not, some were legally adopted!). Why? It was a Biblical principle that we followed, “the golden rule…” to love one another as ourselves. We needed to be that Good Samaritan; to care for the defenseless and shelter them when the need was there… Forwarding to today, as we grew up to have our own families, we carried the same motto our mothers taught us, to stay close, love others, welcome them, and set boundaries.

But I don’t know if anyone has noticed this… back when I was a child in the late 70s until now, society has changed drastically. I felt comfortable with welcoming people in my home for some time, but then, I noticed as I got older, people are not as friendly. Now, when you live by yourself or with your siblings (no parents around), and all you do is invite your friends over (I am speaking from my experience), certain friends (not all) would try to take advantage of my home in a negative way… This makes me think of America, we invite people to come in with a visa, and some will take advantage and do damage during their stay. To top it all off, others welcome themselves uninvited. They sneak their way in here and don’t even bother to announce themselves, they won’t seek to become legal, because they know they will get sent back to their country, and furthermore, take and take, what could have been, for example, mine or my neighbors down the street.

Living on my own with one of my brothers when I was in my twenties, I allowed a friend one time to temporarily live with us. This person took advantage of my kindness and brought other friends to come in and live as well. They intimidated me in the process. I continued to be kind to them, leaving my doors open to them…and instead of showing me respect and gratitude, they took more advantage of me, and my home, and caused me to suffer. But that’s what happens when you leave your doors open to strangers. Furthermore, they came in and out of my home, brought danger to my family, and even drugs...Then the day came… when one of my brothers (who did not live with me and was not as kind as I was), saw the situation, was angered, and thus retaliated. He kicked them out with forceful words, and together we cleaned my (then) home, changed the locks and he protected me from them ever coming back. We thus did away with the situation.

Forwarding to America’s situation today, our great nation is hurting because of unwelcome people who enjoy taking advantage of what is not theirs, or their legal home. When President Trump, the big brother of America, took office back in 2016, he fought, he fought, and he fought to build a wall. Why? Because there was a border crisis that needed to be taken care of…drug cartels, gangs, human traffickers, terrorists, etc. crossing into our country and slowly destroying it. After all the fighting Trump did, he was able to get the funds to build a wall. He furthermore enforced immigration laws. As a result, crime rates drastically dropped…

As much as I love my southern neighbors and want people to come into my country, the land of the free, there is an order to the process and there always should be… that my friends, should NEVER change. If you want to live here, do it legally. Apply for citizenship... You know what happens when you do it illegally, no one will want to take you seriously or trust you, because you could be an undercover criminal, you could be stealing my neighbor’s job for lesser wages, a terrorist sleeper, etc., and because, you weren’t a criminal, or trying to steal someone’s paycheck, but did not want to go through the legal process, you made yourself look like a criminal because you started off with a crime.

Now that President Trump is not occupying the White House, and in my opinion, still is our duly elected president, the borders have been open. The Biden administration has caused a disaster and who knows what the repercussions of these open borders will lead to? Well, let me rephrase, who knows what in the future what damage it will do because currently, millions of Americans could be in danger. Crimes have increased, and more and more citizens are getting their gun licenses because they do not feel as safe anymore. Reiterating, I let the wrong person into my home, and it was a bad turnout because I was being nice… The Biden Administration is letting many illegal immigrants enter our home country, let that sink in… and this is not about being nice to those people, this is political, this is about getting more democratic votes and permanently destroying our nation.

Although many Americans like me, love to invite others to stay at our homes and break bread with us, show them, love, try to be good Samaritans, and always look for ways to care for the defenseless and shelter them when we see their needs… we need to be more cautious today then we have ever been before, being wise as serpents, and using discernment. Until this mess turns around and many illegal immigrants that the Biden Administration has allowed to step in, and get deported back to their country, (which I believe will happen in the future) our streets are not as safe as they used to be…

Let us pray continually over our Nation, that God protects us from our enemies that have entered in and seek to destroy it… We have a country to save; I have people to serve… and as your next United States Senator, I will do what it takes to co-author and or create laws into place that will keep our civilians safe; not only in Pennsylvania but nationwide. When President Trump returns to office, I will be one of those who will stand with him to make sure our borders are closed, more of the wall is built, and rectify the situation with the illegal immigrants that the Biden administration allowed to come freely into our nation. Much love neighbors, come the legal way…then, and only then, can you enjoy the same benefits the great citizens of our Nation, including myself, are enjoying. May God protect us all.

Elect Israel Cruz for U.S. Senate in the Great State of Pennsylvania in 2024 and I will help make this country great again, again.

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