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Achieving Smaller Efficient Government

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

As it stands, America is going deeper into debt and the Democratic Party is looking to set this free fall into a headfirst dive. The founding fathers understood that the government: be it federal, state, or local, would have to grow to meet the demands of this fledging nation and its people. Yet, I am as sure as the sun rises from the east that this is not what they envisioned when they built these laws to guide, and the bodies that govern. The founders came from being the unwilling servants of a king which did not hold their representations in any esteem. Thus, seeing the way we are governed today, I believe they would halt all of its workings, and much like a transmission, remove all of its gears (tough, tedious, nevertheless ever so necessary.)

We hear so much from politicians and leaders alike that the American people must learn to tighten their financial belts, pull up their bootstraps, and save their hard earn cash to pay their debts. Yet, on the other side we hear that the economy will falter if people don’t spend. The truth is that the government, much like its people, needs to see where the fat is and cut it out. As a future member of the Senate, I will sponsor legislation that will look deeply into the Federal Governments books, search for loopholes, pork, redundancies, waste, and a greater need for restructuring of the tax codes or even doing away with the IRS all together.

Much like any person looking to balance their books, America must do the hard steps and limit its size and allocate and delegate time, resources, and money to the states. A provision to this legislation will hold states to the same standard. If they want money, they will follow the rules for said money. Provisions will not be just for that fiscal year as it will be on a rolling basis; meaning that each year the states that can save, balance their budgets, and prove that waste is not happening on a program-to-program basis I.e. healthcare, housing, welfare etc. A state may fail in one arena but do well in another, thus they will receive nothing for the first but some for the latter with stipulations that no federal money, (unless otherwise given permission) will be reallocated to their failing programs.

The states will be given money according to their population needs not on its number of people…with richer states flipping the bill for more of their own debts (after all, if you have more, than you can afford it.) America is not a welfare state, nor will it ever be a socialist one either. Thus, programs will be judged on efficiencies and if they are not working, they will be scrubbed, and their money will be allocated to those that are producing. Some programs may be placed on the back burner temporarily, and others ran directly from the states with only supervision alone by the federal government.

By the government downsizing and allocating a portion of their bloated budget to the states, it now will be more of an overseer than a financier, piggy bank, and or waste factory. America is rich, powerful, and strong, but history shows that no matter what empire it was, when they overreached, they fell. Americans and their leaders must learn from the past and protect their future generations. After all, where would we be if the founders squandered their future’s possibilities.

I understand that I am not the first to put forth ideas such as these, nor can I do it alone. However, if there is something that America can learn from the history of the Bible, it is this: In the event of Babel (For instance), God Himself said,

“If as one people speaking the same language, they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” (Genesis 11:6).

In this case, they (us/humanity) had their minds set to do wrong, thus, God punished mankind…but we can learn to work together for the greater good (reiterating, God Himself said, “nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”).

I ask you my fellow Americans, do you want to see what can happen when Americans come together, leaving all partisanship, color, creed or ideologies aside, and work on the common goal of Making America Great Again? God has always blessed this nation, more when we listened; less when we didn't. Let’s make it happen, together we can do anything…let’s do the right “anything!” Vote Israel Cruz for U.S. Senate PA 2024!

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