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Israel Stands With Israel

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

As a Believer in Christ, I stand with the Israeli people. My faith's Cornerstone is built on the Carpenter that is the Maker of all we see and know. His earthly forefathers (Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, etc.) were great people, with even greater flaws which nearly all overcame. The central figure Abraham, is the father of three religions, of which I see as really two. One, Christianity, being an offshoot, but never lesser than the original Judeo beliefs. As a Christian, I was raised with respect for the people that gave us Our Savior. Though many of them did not see, and still don’t see Jesus as the Messiah, they are still family, nevertheless. This means that the Arabic people are my family as well, as I cannot love just one offspring and leave the other on the wayside.

Translating this to today, I have had many Arabic and Jewish friends/acquaintances, and my love for them is equal. Though both groups know how I feel about the situation in Israel; we still share in peace… as we know here in America, we can have different views, yet concentrate on the common ones to be the ties that bind. We furthermore all agree that Abraham is the cornerstone of our faiths and that his blood lines are blessed. Thus, if God blessed those lines, than we are no one to curse them.

Where we disagree, is whose lines are that of the promise…but how I see it, is in logic, not so much religion. When a couple marries, they are one, and if one gets something, both do. If a spouse cheats or if a spouse allows an open marriage, it does not imply that the rights go to the lover “just for the pleasure.” Jews and Arabs believe they are decedents of Abraham and Abraham was married to Sarah. The promise was given to Abraham and Sarah, thus by law their child is double blessed. However, this does not give Israel or anyone for that fact the right to abuse, as Ishmael was blessed as well. Thus, I give respect to both sons, yet logically speaking, the rights belong to those who were lawfully married and given the promise. If you add God and the rest into the mix, that’s a whole other story.

I don’t profess to know how to fix these problems, which in my book are family issues, thus as a Believer in Christ, my point of view is to follow Jesus. You can complain about wants or you can put them aside, as the fledgling primitive church did for a greater purpose. Unfortunately, people will always have conflicts as differences are common, but common ground is too. You can look at what divides Israel and Ishmael, or you can look at what is common and good. Family: Fathers, mothers, sister’s brother, etc. I stand with the land of Israel because they are family, I stand with the Arabic people the same. This is never personal, just logical.

As the younger child of Abraham, at times the older brother antagonizes and even goes far beyond hurting. America has always been seen as the protector of the small, weak, lonely, abused and vilified to name a few. Israel is surrounded by aggression from many sides (a David and Goliath scenario with a familial twist). America finds that lending to it, might equalize the fight without truly having to get into a domestic dispute, (much like a peace officer with commonality with both). We stand with Israel, because if we did not, America would not be America today, and God would punish on the earth those who hurt or neglect them. Furthermore, America is blessed when Israel is blessed and falters when our support falters. Don’t believe me? Compare Presidents Obama’s and (illegitimate) Biden’s time to President Trump’s booming economy, low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, women, no wars, etc. and speaking of Israel, President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, mad peace deals, etc. this is not religion, it is logic.

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