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Israel Cruz's Stance on Marijuana Legalization

As an independent candidate for the United States Senate, I believe that marijuana should be legalized, but with strict regulations similar to those governing alcohol. This approach ensures responsible use and minimizes potential abuse. However, I draw a clear line when it comes to the alteration of marijuana.

In its natural state, as God intended, marijuana can be legal and beneficial. Any form of manipulation or alteration, which deviates from its original form, should be considered illegal and classified as illicit contraband. This distinction is crucial to maintaining the integrity and safety of marijuana use.

By regulating marijuana like alcohol, we can create a controlled environment that promotes safe usage, reduces illegal activity, and generates tax revenue that can be used for public good. However, we must be vigilant against any modifications that could undermine these goals and compromise public health.

In summary, I advocate for the legalization of natural marijuana while enforcing stringent regulations against any altered forms. This balanced approach ensures that we respect both the natural integrity of the plant and the well-being of our communities.

Key Points:

1. Legalize marijuana, regulate like alcohol.

2. Natural, unaltered marijuana is legal.

3. Altered marijuana is illegal and considered illicit contraband.

4. Emphasis on public safety and integrity.

This stance represents my thoughtful and responsible approach to marijuana legalization, it’s one that prioritizes both individual’s freedoms and welfare of our communities.

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