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How to bring the conversation of Fundamental Black Americans (FBA) to light.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

How to bring the conversation of Fundamental Black Americans (#FBA) to light.

I was never in agreement with FBA as I am of those who believe that Slavery was in the past and those who suffered it and those who “actually” did the crime are all dead! Yet recently I was in a forum called Twitter Spaces where a gentleman (Tariq Nasheed) and all those within argued their points of view. I sat, listened to their plight, and formulated a plan. When my time to speak was given I was heard and rudely dismissed. Nevertheless, my time in that room served a purpose that I would now like to present to the FBA community, as well as questions and comments that will arise from such an endeavor.

I intend to promote legislation if elected or even if not, that can aid the #FBA community under the title:

Reparations in Action Act!

The gentleman that led the forum under the name (How does immigration benefit Black Americans? #SecureTheTribe) was intending to assist FBA to receive reparations from the US Government for the act of enslaving the FBA ancestors during slavery. His plan is to get a big cash payout to the FBA from the parties that were or allowed this carnage to occur.


In writing it sounds clear cut, but many questions must be addressed to make this a possibility:

· Who is Considered FBA?

· How do we determine who is FBA? DNA?

· If by DNA, what percentage of FBA is enough to determine inclusion for reparations?

Once that is answered, now who pays must be determined. Why? Because non-slave-owning American descendants IE Puerto Ricans, Africans, Native Americans, actual FBA members, etc. will not be happy that they must pay for a crime they did not take part in. Thus, this will affect the level of what amount can and should be given.

Also, there were White Americans who never owned slaves and even those whose family members gave their lives to save and uplift the enslaved. Why should they be lumped in with those who propagated this heinous crime of humanity? That will also take a toll on the amount that can be given to each FBA member.

With these topics all settled, we would need to give a monetary value to those who died. Which to me is egregious just to think of it. Nevertheless, this must be done to ensure payment is possible.

To receive this money, the person recognized as FBA cannot have stolen from, enslaved and or killed another FBA as they would be in direct contradiction as to why they are receiving said money. In other words, you can’t sue for reparations if you are guilty of the same crime IE murder and theft of a fellow FBA member.

This will limit those again who can receive said monies. At the end of it all people will then need to Vote on everything, and monies will be given to those who are FBA. How much I am guessing is very small after all the hoops needed to leap through. Which will need to be possible for maximum payment and correctly awarding those who deserve it. Many will not be happy with the amount!

So, what can we do to mitigate these large issues?

My Plan

When a person is bleeding, we can wrap it to stop the bleeding and walk away, but will that be enough? No, sometimes it’s a flesh wound (or much like Slavery) it is a serious condition that needs to be addressed or many things can happen that are detrimental to the life of the person.

So, we need more than a bandage in this case "Cash-Money!"

What is the point of giving a pile of people money if they are uninformed about the Basics of investing, saving, building, money management, and objective thinking for the future generation? (In some States like New York, Illinois, Washington DC, etc. (Many of America’s Black youths cannot read or do math — and that imperils us all | The Hill) {Source the hill their source NAEP} Thus, A multi-faceted approach to aiding FBA would be more of a reparation than just money.

Giving free money is the democrat’s way of doing it “Give them free money and you have suckers for a time”.

The Republican way is to teach the person to utilize money and other tools. Thus, the person eats for today, tomorrow, till death while building generational wealth for their descendants. Therefore, this form of reparation will impact not only those given money but all others around them within the family for generations. Empowering the FBAs to become what they should have been in America. Some called me racist for saying such a thing, but truth can only help the #FBA without it, it will be for not.

So, what can we do?

· First Education on how to invest, while the US Closes its borders to give our attention to our own people suffering within the US, FBA included.

· Deport all illegal aliens and de-pack the immigration and criminal courts so that when immigration starts again there will be no waste of money.

· Cut welfare to the bare minimum since legal Immigrants and many others will now be able to find work and can invest.

What can be given in lieu of or together with a payment?

· The US has lots of federal lands some or/a section can be allocated for FBA.

· Infrastructure like gas stations, schools postal service, and markets can be built for the FBA communities.

· Homes can be built on the FBA land for the owner.

· And last some cash to invest.

This is a starter pack that no one should say no to as all the essentials will be set up to allow for maximum generational wealth building and stable communities, mixed in with great schooling and teaching students of the FBA families to learn trades, how to care for their communities and homes.

Also, after this is done there must be a Time limit set as to who can apply and when to stop payouts. After this point, the US will no longer be obligated to give reoccurring payments to future FBA. This will ensure that it will not be held as an extorsion.

If you like, hate it, think my plan needs help, or you have better ideas please feel free to contact me on Twitter @Israel4PA to see what we can do to help FBA and America move to the next level. A level where no one is seen by the color of their skin but by the content of their character and only as the Americans that they are by birth or naturalization. #StopIDL

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