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False Accusation Accountability Act Or The #NotMeAct

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Section 1: Short Title

  • This act may be cited as the "False Accusation Accountability Act or #NotMeAct of [Year]."

Section 2: Definitions

  • a) False Accusation: A knowingly false or malicious accusation made against an individual regarding criminal conduct, including but not limited to sexual offenses.

  • b) Accuser: The individual making the accusation.

Section 3: False Accusations

  • Lawsuit for Damages: a) The falsely accused individual shall have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the accuser seeking damages caused by the false accusation, including but not limited to financial, emotional, and reputational harm.

Section 4: National Registry of False Accusers

  • Establish a national registry of false accusers, providing guidelines for its implementation and accessibility to relevant authorities.

Section 5: Public Apology Requirement

  • Specify the requirement for a public apology by the convicted false accuser on a nationally broadcasted platform, as previously stated.

Section 6: Social Media Disclosure

  • Mandate the disclosure of the identity of the false accuser on a designated social media platform to ensure the vindication of the accused individual, as previously mentioned.

Section 7: Lawsuit for Damages

  • Affirm the right of falsely accused individuals to file civil lawsuits seeking damages caused by the false accusation, as previously outlined.

Section 8: Extreme Cases

  • Address extreme cases where a false accusation leads to the death of the accused individual, as previously indicated.

Section 9: Applicability and Jurisdiction

  • Specify that this law applies to false accusations made within the jurisdiction of the United States and falls under federal jurisdiction.

Section 10: Enforcement and Implementation

  • Establish the responsible federal agency or department for enforcing and implementing this law, along with any necessary regulatory provisions.

Section 11: Severability

  • Include a standard severability clause to ensure that if any provision of the law is deemed invalid, it does not affect the overall validity of the law.

Section 12: Effective Date

  • Determine the effective date of the law upon passage, providing a reasonable timeframe for compliance.

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