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Non-Partisan Environmental Sustainability

I'm republican and though I am not in accordance with climate change narrative I am with doing our part in giving the earth to our children better than how we received it. This means (for example) we don't only rely on So called fossil fuels, but we don't overdo it either as sustainables have their own ecological issues.

We must look to find common ground in the things that matter to us all, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof. Clean water, air and homes to live in, are needs that should not be partisan. Education, and food are the others that we as a nation can reach consensus readily.

Education was my field of study as I knew and still know that without it, all will fall short of obtaining a better life regardless of color, religion creed, sexual preference etc.

So, the more our children, adults and elderly work together on their common goals, the better our environment will get. Not just on earthly environmental concerns, but social and economic environments as well will thrive. so, what say you, shall we give it a try?

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