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Education: A Right Or A Privilege?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I don’t subscribe to the view that man derives from primates, but for the purpose of this post let’s entertain it. A great number of humankind believes that we derive from monkeys. That we had to fight to survive. They believe that these humanoids as a whole, killed animals and fended for themselves. Consequently, since the beginning, man needed water, food, weapons, and shelters to propagate, therefore maintaining the human race alive.

As time marched on, (as per this view) humans learned to do greater things, formulate tribes, cities, and even civilizations. Along with this, came laws, types of orders, and governmental structures. But in all of the civilizations, the part of rearing was left to who? That’s right...the parents; this is as according to the view of the “evolutionary thinkers.”

Fast forward to the future and see their (theoretical) past presented to us. Where in history was education (from a governmental standpoint) a right? When caveman worked and walked the earth? When little villages sprouted out? During times of famine and war? Are these the things humanity cries out for? Or is it for food, water, shelter, protection etc.?

A right is a common denominator that all of humanity has had. All need water, food, safety, protection, and shelter. Everything else is but a luxury. The fact that humanity has found that by pooling resources and educating people they can better off themselves “individually,” has created good and bad outcomes. Hitler was highly educated, yet, so was Churchill.

Hitler used his education to lie, coerce, unify others to kill, and Churchill utilized his education to speak truths, inform, and unify for defensive purposes to protect; Here, we see the rights of the people infringed by Hitler and upheld by Churchill. Both well-educated men...Was it the institution that made Hitler who he was? No, I cannot blame the schooling directly as I can today, but I can say that as governments took more of the power of education away from the family unit and concentrated it, the more we got people like Churchill as well as Hitler. This is not an American exclusivity but one that is found in the world entire.

So, where does this leave us humans? Is it a right that we get educated or a privilege? Within the family unit, it is, (according to the evolutionary view as well as the religious world view) a responsibility of the parents to exert this right and a privilege of their nation and of its people to be mass educated.

But people work so much today, parents don’t have the time or skills to teach their own children! Ok let’s take that logic and apply it to showering for example, if you don’t have the time to shower: is it the responsibility of the government to now shower me? Where does it end? Where is the application of the government’s limits or under this liberal mindset, is there no limits to where the government can infuse itself within our daily lives?

We all have rights, but it is the common denominators that should be protected, not the liberal minded “rights” that come up for votes and pandering. It is the right of a human to learn (from their parents), it is the right of people to eat (however work is a responsibility). Rights come with responsibilities, if not, they are just privileges afforded to a person, group, sex, tribe, nation etc.! Rights are common to all living things but enjoyed only by humanity as we are sentient!

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