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Christ Centered Values

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I believe in Jesus Christ first and foremost. I believe that God made man and woman with their respective roles both needing each other, none better than the other. I believe in family and the strength it brings and the perils it prevents. I believe in America as a sovereign nation beholden only to God our Creator. I believe that elected officials should be like Jesus Christ; who came to the earth to serve the people and not conquer them; to liberate the weak not to subdue; who understood that to be a mode of change, the self-must be sacrificed for the benefit of those you serve.

I believe that the US was founded in Judeo-Christian Values. It was this value system that freed the slaves, open doors for woman, liberated the young from labors and gave them educational liberties so that their next generation was better off. I believe that the color of your skin is but a reflection of a spectrum of a unified entity called humanity. It is merely here to be the beauty of who we are, much like the hollyhock, the anemone, daffodils, and the dahlia; all are beautifully distinct, yet all are flowers, nonetheless. I believe you have choice and will to make your own decisions. I believe in the constitution and all the rights written down, but those that are given by God and taken by no one but by your own will.

I believe in the role of government, small, yet precise. I believe that if you are taxed that you should know where your money goes and how it helps. I believe in oversite, checks and balance. I believe in the Democratic Republic, and that no government, person/s, entity, or force has any right over you other than that which you agree to relinquish. I believe in the right to bear arms and to protect that which is yours (along with that of your neighbors if you wish.) I believe the government is but a vehicle to assist humanity, not to assert its will or enact laws that hinder any rights. These are but a few core beliefs I hold, and my priorities are God, Family, Country, and the pursuit of happiness if I am so blessed. I am pro-life and against the willingness of others to kill the unborn for the whim of desire. I condemn racism, terror, bigotry, and discrimination of people unjustly. I believe we are all innocent until proven guilty. I do not believe guns kill on their own, but that people kill with guns. To include, mental illness needs our attention, not the removal of our rights to self-defended.

There are people who believe that Christians hate homosexuals, transgenders, criminals, etc. Yet, that could not be further from the truth. A true Christian hates however, only the sin and never the sinner! That which is done, but not the one doing it, for example; when your child breaks something or does something wrong, you hate that it happened or that they did something you did not want, nevertheless you love them. We believers think in these terms. We may not agree with your choices, but we will never hate you.

Furthermore, Americas are about: freedom to choose, freedom to love, freedom to live as you wish (so long as what you do, does not infringe on the rights of others.) Thus, I believe we all have common ground, and that all life is sacred even those who choose to do wrong. I will never impose my views on the masses, just the rights we all deserve.

God bless you and God Bless the sovereign United States of America.

Vote Israel Cruz for U.S. Senate in the great state of Pennsylvania 2024.

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