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Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Act #RespectTheHomelandAct

Updated: May 9

Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Act #RespectTheHomelandAct

Section 1: Border Closure

  1. The United States shall temporarily close its borders for a period of five to seven years to address internal problems effectively.

  2. During this period, all forms of mass or large-scale immigration, including illegal immigration, shall be halted.

Section 2: Border Infrastructure

  1. The construction of a border wall shall be resumed and expedited to enhance border security and deter unauthorized crossings.

  2. Adequate resources shall be allocated to ensure the completion of the border wall project.

Section 3: Combating Fentanyl Trafficking

  1. The United States government shall implement strict measures to prevent the flow of fentanyl into the country.

  2. The relevant law enforcement agencies shall be authorized to take necessary actions, including shooting down cartel drones involved in fentanyl trafficking.

Section 4: Immigration Enforcement and Court Backlogs

  1. The backlog of immigration court cases shall be prioritized for swift resolution.

  2. A comprehensive strategy shall be developed to identify and document individuals residing in the country illegally through a thorough dragnet approach.

  3. Charges shall be filed against individuals found to be residing illegally, and appropriate legal processes shall be followed to ensure their return to their home countries.

Section 5: Foreign Aid

  1. The United States shall cease providing financial or any other form of aid to countries that fail to address lawlessness leading to border security concerns or disrespecting the United States and its military.

  2. The determination of countries falling under this category shall be made by the relevant government agencies, considering established criteria and diplomatic relations.

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