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On The Issues

What are the issues Americans care about? If you ask anyone with common sense, most would agree that Americans deserve rights no matter what their choices are. We all deserve clean water, healthy food, a basic education, healthcare that will serve a person in their respective need, reformation of the system as a whole, ending cronyism, immigration reform, a pathway to some sort of housing for those that work or cannot due to disability, and good relations with other countries and our common wealth’s. All these things and more without breaking the bank.


Yet, ask a person lacking common sense and you may get the same answers the democrats believe are good for the nation: Medicare for all, (including those who never paid into it nor care too); housing as a human right (but there are Americans homeless in the State not to mention the country); federal jobs guarantee (to who? very vague and not directed to Americans); more laws to stop law abiding citizens from the right to self-defense, Justice for (illegal) immigrants (but not reform for those who come here legally); solidarity Puerto Rico (but Israel and others be dammed in the process?); destroy the environment and the nation with their “gray new deal,” while releasing greater toxins in the air in ten years than that which will occur if (“global warming,” I mean “global cooling”, I mean) “climate change” (so hard to keep up with the lies… I mean narratives), it happens....


What Democrats care for may sound great, and in essence be common ground to a point, but that is as close as they will ever get to common anything let alone sense. In nature, when a plant or animal has beautiful colors, it is not meant to attract so much as to show that it is venomous or lethal and those around should be kept at bay. Democrat leadership, (like the snakes they are) rely on slimy loose talking points and Identity Politics, but like a snake, their appearance should be a warning that this is not the time to get close, but to run from the venom they hide within her socialistic policies. Please vote for Israel Cruz, as he runs and you run from giving another democrat or RINO the vote by using common sense in politics, as well as in life.


As a former housing specialist for the homeless in the City of New York (NY) and landlord- Investor, Israel, sees first-hand how much we need housing. With the market volatile as it is due to supply and demand, and Pennsylvania being one of the states receiving overflow from the likes of NY, growth is needed; in ways that make sense, thus allowing infrastructure in places to handle the flow and upgrades as we go and for the needs of the city.





Pennsylvanian farms are as much of its history as is its landmarks. When Israel moved to PA, it was with the future goal to attain farmland. This is one of the selling points of the great state of Pennsylvania that attracted him and his family to its diverse landscape. Thus, it is worth fighting for, whether you live here a few days or a life time; preservation is key to maintain the illustrious character for which people come here.





Pennsylvania has decent taxes compared to many states. Yet, there are states that have no state taxes such as Texas, which attracts not only many businesses, but innovation and families seeking such things. By keeping taxes low, setting goals to improve schooling, work on our crime ridden streets, and public parks: We will show the people of PA that we serve them as our oath states it is... Furthermore, it’s our responsibility to utilize state and federal monies effectively, cutting the fat, and actually supporting our citizens first above all others.



american flag.jpg
american flag.jpg


By offering free things, taking away the will to do for oneself, and much like a drug dealer, keeping us depended on their will to feed us, while our liberties are trampled on. Once we wake up from the lies, they fed us (if we do), we would be so weak and defenseless that fighting will be the last thing in our capabilities.

The only ones living through it are the carriers of it. They are immune as they are the incubators of it. But, when all is said and done, this disease will consume them as well (case in point Venezuela).



I believe that the US was founded in Judeo-Christian Values. It was this value system that freed the slaves, open doors for woman, liberated the young from labors and gave them educational liberties so that their next generation was better off. I believe that the color of your skin is but a reflection of a spectrum of a unified entity called humanity. It is merely here to be the beauty of who we are, much like the hollyhock, the anemone, daffodils, and the dahlia; all are beautifully distinct, yet all are flowers nonetheless. I believe you have choice and will to make your own decisions. I believe in the constitution and all the rights written down, but those that are given by God and taken by no one but by your own will.


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His earthly forefathers (Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, etc.) were great people with even greater flaws, which nearly all overcame. The central figure Abraham is the father of three religions of which I see as really two. One, Christianity, being an offshoot, but never lesser than the original. As a Christian, I was raised with respect for the people that gave us Our Savior. Though they did not see and still don’t see Jesus as the Messiah, they are still family, nevertheless. This means that the Arabic people are my family as well, as I can not love just one offspring and leave the other on the wayside.



This is the country I grew up in. A big family that does not always get along but loves each other and our commonalities. However much like in my brief story, Americans have let some stay, and for the most part, they stay, break bread, and leave or ask to be adopted to be part of our family. Yet, there are those that force their way in, take what is not theirs, make others feel unsafe and bring drugs and intimidate those around. But, we have a big brother which is brash and not as kind as most in America. One, who is not afraid to take on those who would take advantage of those just trying to live in peace.


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We hear so much from politicians and leaders alike that the American people must learn to tighten their financial belts, pull up their bootstraps, and save their hard earn cash to pay their debts. Yet, on the other side we hear that the economy will falter if people don’t spend. The truth is that the government, much like its people, needs to see where the fat is and cut it out. As a future member of the Senate, I will sponsor legislation that will look deeply into the Federal Governments books, search for loopholes, pork, redundancies, waste, and a greater need for restructuring of the tax codes.



I have experienced in the past, eviction, homelessness, joblessness and hurting from loss. I will take these experiences to the hill and look for ways to create employment that fills needs, locating them with laser precision accuracy, which is fueled and informed by my constituents. Currently, in PA, many are in those positions, and I plan on addressing them and helping them get back to work. I believe vaccines should be an option and not a mandate and I oppose vaccine passports.


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