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About Israel

From 2016 till 2020, the Trump administration brought never before seen prosperity for Americans from all walks of life. Israel Cruz, President Trump, and many other patriots want to build on that proven foundation, to “Save America.” Israel, will do his part by being the change we need, and the servant we deserve in Washington DC. President Trump has done nothing but support brave conservatives who are defining “the future of the America First Movement,” we must do everything in our power to assist him, together we are the future of our party, as well as future of our beloved country. It is Israel’s goal to ensure that America be First as it is our home for which we are fighting. The same should be evident in our foreign and domestic policy, where America is lifted up as the beacon of freedom... As Americans, pride in our country is paramount, the reality of our history must communicate as well as celebrating our robust legacy of American traditions. It’s time to show the respect that has been lost for our people and our beloved American Flag.

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Israel Cruz...

  • Is committed to defending innocent life and to upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our founding fathers.

  • Believes in the promise of the Declaration of Independence, that all are made EQUAL by our Creator, and that the letter of the law should apply to all alike, regardless to our differences.

  • Stands on: that our rights do not come from the government, but from God our creator, and no force, be it in heaven, earth, or hell itself, can ever take those rights away. Within these rights are our religious liberty, and the right to Keep and Bear Arms.

  • Believes in reconstructing our formerly worn-out military and the end of perpetual wars our disastrous former and current politicians left for us to end.

  • Embraces free expression of thought, and welcomes vigorous debates, while never fearing to confront the oppressive decrees of “political correctness.”

  • Stands by rule of law as the ultimate safeguard of freedoms rights, the pursuit of happiness, and upholding the Constitution (as it WRITTEN means precisely what it says).

  • Supports fair trade, low taxes, and fewer job-killing regulations, while also having the most effective and strongest military on God’s green Earth.

  • Believes in order and rule of Law, and that those in law enforcement are HEROES, just for being brave enough to defend our rights, thus deserving our absolute support.

  • Believes in our God given rights to a Fair Election system and the right to FREE SPEECH, no matter what the words may be...

  • To include, believes that all American’s, regardless of party or any other divide, must work together to ensure fair, honest, transparent, and secure elections- from now on – allowing only  LEGAL VOTES to count.

The Problem

America’s dissatisfaction with the government be it because of debt, immigration, environment, education, the rise of poverty, crimes and racism; all of which are due to current leaders we have in the democratic party and establishment RINOs.

The Solution

Yet, under the Republican Party: unemployment was down, the economy in general was in great standing. President Trump fought for our healthcare and national security. He and I see that lack of respect for one another in our country, which derives from a decline of morality, religious beliefs, and the destruction of the nuclear family. I understand that if it is restored, there will be true unification of our beloved Country America.

"I am the American dream…

I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York; 100% American. I am not rich, (when it comes to monetary value) and not poor in the slightest as I have 3 daughters, a baby son, and the greatest wife a man can be blessed with! I know poverty, but lived like a king, via the love of a mother and stepdad that made dreams possible with their wisdom and faith in God.



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