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Israel Cruz

"Elect A Servant, Not The Self-Serving!"

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    Israel Cruz is running to be PA's 27th district Senator. He is a Christian patriot who puts God and America first. Israel stands against tyranny, socialism, Marxism and communism. As a firm believer in the constitution, Israel will do what it takes to stand by it and not allow dictators to work around what our forefathers founded, working to make this nation a great one. He understands the needs of Pennsylvania are very similar to what is going on all over the nation. Having a great portion of family in the state for decades: father, sisters, brothers, and cousins, Israel decided to make PA home with his beautiful wife and four young children.

    As a child Israel, wished to serve his fellow man. Thus, he has gained experience working and volunteering in places such as:

  1. Nursing homes.

  2. The disabled population: People with mental, emotional, and physical disorders.

  3. Cleaning and repairing in churches.

  4. Childcare facilities.

  5. And working in shelters.

   There was a point in his life where he was homeless and suffered hunger. With prayer, time, patience, and the helping hands of a few, he got on his feet again. Thus, he understands what many Pennsylvanians are going through, such as in the city of Philadelphia, where homelessness is at its high.

   Learning from many of his life experiences, Israel looks back and can say that he has spent most of his life serving those who could not serve themselves, and every job he has held was to serve his fellow neighbor. With all this said, through helping to fix the many problems Pennsylvanian’s are currently facing, Israel will question whomever he needs to, to expose the truth, bring forth justice, and act as a servant to the needy instead of being their boss.

    Israel knows how to budget and put what comes first as a priority: God, his family, church, and his fellow neighbor. As he has been blessed, so too does he desire that all should be so blessed to live in a country where people can find love, build a family and enjoy freedoms like no other place in the world.

                               Elect Israel Cruz for PA Senate 2023. #StopIDL (AKA Ineffective Democrat Leadership) Israel cruz about me.jpg

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